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Neurobloc (Myobloc®) 5000iu

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Neurobloc(Myobloc) is a Clostridium botulinum type - B neurotoxin complex .
It is marketed as Myobloc®

Using its key ingredient Botulinum toxin type B, derived from bacterium Clostridium botulinum, NeuroBloc helps treat Cervical Dystonia, which is an abnormality of muscle posture in the neck and shoulders.


It  improve muscle tone and posture
Minimise pain associated in neck and shoulders
Treat Cervical Dystonia (torticollis)
Relaxed Muscles

Content/box (1 x 5000 iu)

With the average treatment length being every 12 weeks, depending on the dosage requirements based on the individuals muscle treatment requirements. Results are temporary, which means further treatments are necessary. Results can be seen 12-16 weeks after imitation of treatment.

Anyone individual with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or any individual with a neuromuscular diseases should refrain from using it.

Pregnant women should not use NeuroBloc500 iu.

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  1. James Roudriges

    I enjoyed this product and i will definitely need more .
    Is there no coupon yet for huge quantity Orders?

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